Image Cropping using jsCropperUI, Rmagick and attachment fu.

Attachment_fu is nice file upload plugin. You can get a tutorial at Mike Clark’s blog. I am using Rmagick as my image processor. If you have more than one image processors installed on system, specify that you are using Rmagick, with :processor attribute in appropriate model. jsCropperUI is javascript library based on prototype and scriptaculous. […]

Decision making problem of BSNL broadband ZTE modem.

Just a week ago I got BSNL broadband connection at my room.  But before completion of a week, it started giving problems.  My modem was not powering up.  When I called BSNL complaint number given at the time of the installation, I was expecting to get my call to any of the call center. But […]

Multiple photo upload in single form with Attachment_fu

Attachment_fu is a nice plug-in for uploading user photos and files. Here is tutorial for uploading multiple photos through single form. As in my project hoarding photos needs to be added from the another form of hoarding information, here I am dealing with multiple models(Hoardings & Hoardingphotos) through single form. You can get very good […]

Turning out a fruitful sem..

Yup… this is the most fruitful semester of my engineering until now…. Won 2 paper presentation prizes and 1 programming prize for 8085 programming and that too with busy schedule of collecting sponsorship for the EESA magazine.. It started with second prize from Walchand Sangli for On the Spot Paper presentation. On the spot paper […]

The CYG Climate

My first introduction with Commonwealth Youth Games was from the countdown I saw at different places in the city. I remember one of the board showing it from 700 days i. e. nearly two years before the beginning of the games. The volunteer program started in month of February. Volunteer registration started at that time […]

get set go !

It’s a year back I created the blog, but writing my first article after this long. There were many events when I wanted to write, but my laziness stopped me, and as days passes, intensity of event goes on decreasing so further supporting to my laziness. In last December (2007) I created this blog to […]