Two years at RainingClouds…

Last year, on 1st of May, I wrote a blog post covering first year journey at RainingClouds. Today, we completes two years, and here is a post in celebration Past year was full of happenings and exciting events, here are few – On March 23rd last year, we got seed funded at Super Angels show. […]

AppSurfer Inception !!

Today, we launched our AppSurfer Android app. With its product page comes an interesting thing – Inception ūüėČ In inception, it was dream inside dream. With AppSurfer app you can have app inside an app. On product page, you can run AppSurfer app, which in turn can be used for running other Android apps. Cool, […]

RainingClouds… a year down the lane…

Today is first anniversary of RainingClouds. We booked on 1st May 2011, and so consider the day as starting day of company. In those days, I used to have many discussions around entrepreneurship with my roomies(also old school friends), and idea of RainingClouds came from one of such discussion. To be precise, we had […]

Twiddle-waka way of specifying gem versions in Gemfile for a rails application.

Recently I came across situation when I spent really bad time resolving conflicts between gem version specified in Gemfile. This rails project had a Gemfile with all gem version specified in very strict way, for e.g. – gem ‘rails’, ‘3.0.3’ gem ‘devise’, ‘1.1’ gem ‘omniauth’, ‘0.1.6’ gem ‘mysql2’, ‘0.2.6’ gem ‘twitter’ Showing above some of […]

On your own.. With your sword.. Into the wild…

Wanted to write this blog post since so long, finally here it is. A blog post about so much a change moving ahead in career. i.e. about leaving one startup and being into another one, i.e. leaving weboniselab and being into rainingclouds. I really liked a post by¬†Matt Aimonetti¬†about motivations and purpose of work. He […]

Failed to build gem native extension. (Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError)

Just got bitten these types of errors and lost an hour nearby, so making a note here if that helps. If you ever get error while installation a gem that – Gem Install ExtensionBuildError that means, you are missing some libs. As of now, I have following three types of installations generally failing at my […]

Ruby Conf India – Day 1 summary.

Sharing here some of the updates form Ruby Conf India, Bengaluru 2011 for the day one. I have written here only about the sessions which I managed to attend, as session were going in two tracks I missed some of them. Starting key note – Yehuda Ketz When building API heavy applications with rails, many […]

Martin Fowler at Thoughtworks Pune about Software design and Architecture in 21st century.

Just today had a chance to attend Martin Fowler’s talk about Software design and Architecture in 21st century here at Pune, organized by Thoughtworks. In this post, I am iterating through some of his thoughts from today’s talk plus links to some of his very good articles and videos. Martin Fowler’s talk was preceded by […]

Importing Gmail Contacts list to Rails Application.

To invite user’s friends to the application, need was to get emails id’s of user’s friends from his gmail account. Most of the plugins found for importing contact data were combined ones with gmail, yahoo and rediff import facility but none good for dedicated gmail import. Little searching and from google documentation i found that, […]

Creating image collage using rmagick on rails.

In one of the my rails project project, I came across the problem of making collage of many images. I fought for it, with google as¬†companion, still it took a whole day of searching to find good tool to do this. Initially my approach was to use Rmagick – montage command. But montage takes array […]